The Danny Gormally Column #4 GM Danny Gormally

25 April 2016

In his second article on the recent Colin Crouch Celebration Masters, Danny looks at some impressive performances from the junior players in the tournament.

Rise of the Juniors

The Colin Crouch memorial will probably be remembered as much for the impressive win of Vakhidov, as for the impressive performance of three junior players.

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The Danny Gormally Column #3 GM Danny Gormally

18 April 2016

Danny reports on an up and down performance at the Colin Crouch Celebration Masters.

The Colin Crouch Celebration Masters

Early April I got the coach down from Alnwick to Harrow, in North London, to play the Colin Crouch Celebration Masters. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for me to lose a game. In truth I got thoroughly outplayed by Tamas Fodor Jr. in our round four game. I could console myself to some extent with the thought that I didn’t play too badly in that game, he just played very well. In the past this might have affected me too much, and it would have lead to a spiral of loss after loss. But t-1000 Gorm is made of tougher stuff.

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Random Chess Problems! GM Simon Williams

11 April 2016

If you’re viewing on a large screen, sharpen your tactics by trying our new random puzzles in the right sidebar. Everything from mate in ones to ridiculously tough combinations.

More interactive content coming soon!

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The Danny Gormally Column #2 GM Danny Gormally

01 April 2016

Danny gets to grips with the Candidates!

Reflections on the candidates

One of the reasons I found the Candidates interesting to follow is some of the extreme comments it throws up by those commentating on websites and so on. Clearly such an important event throws up some real passions.

A comment that caused me some amusement in particular was one I found on ChessBase written by the user name Nostalgic1972:

“This seems really ridiculous. These young engine-stricken lads are only good at memorizing opening lines generated by computers, in the hope that their opponents may fall prey to it. if it happens, that’s it; if not, from the middle game on they begin to make mistakes until one realizes it and possibly takes advantage (if they could). Caruana, Giri, Karjakin and the like are so computer-assisted that they cannot even win it when they happen to arrive at winning positions time after time. their mid and endgame knowledge is not extensive.”

This comment is obviously over the top, but there is some truth in it. In general these players he is mentioning are very dependant on engines and are the front-runners of “the computer generation”. But they can’t suggest that they can’t play when left to their own devices, is rather over the top. In fact Giri came in for a lot of stick, because he drew so many games. This wasn’t for want of trying though, as he came very close indeed to beating Caruana in round nine:

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The Danny Gormally Column! GM Danny Gormally

24 March 2016

Here at Ginger GM we’ve been lacking some regular fresh content for a while. Filming and producing DVDs leaves little time for writing, you know (although look out for our new Killer French eBook a couple of weeks from now…).

To that end, we’ve recruited one of our DVD authors, the North of England’s Finest Grandmaster Danny Gormally, to write an exclusive weekly column! Danny is a great writer, frank and often outspoken, and he’s promised to give us his regular thoughts on the world of chess. We strongly recommend that you buy his “hilarious and tragic” (not our words) new book A Year Inside the Chess World, and we’re not even on commission!

There’s not too much going on at the moment, except for a small tournament somewhere in Russia to decide who gets to lose to Magnus next, so we start with a couple of annotated games from the 4NCL (Britain’s premier team competition).

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Killer d4 - The Wait Is Over GM Simon Williams

08 March 2016

Some things are just worth waiting for, and I am hoping that is also going to mean Killer d4 - Parts 1 + 2.

I am very happy with these DVDs. Based around a very aggressive and exciting opening foundation. These videos are all you need to play 1. d4 with confidence.

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