The Nimzowitsch Knight Dance GM Simon Williams

19 May 2016

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Knights are tricky little pieces. Often seen dancing around the board like little mischievous imps, knights have the power to bewilder and confuse even the strongest of grandmasters.

I want to take a deeper look at one particular knight dance. The dance shown below has immortalized itself in my thoughts. I am hoping that I can share my love of this particular dance with you.

Learning certain patterns in chess is one sure way of improving your play.

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Danny Gormally on the European Championships GM Danny Gormally

17 May 2016


The European Chess Championships is currently taking place in Kosovo. If you take a look at the field it is reflective of the incredible strength in depth in chess now. Just good player after good player. Players like me, at 2490 rating would just be considered washed up fodder in such an event. I’d get smashed game after game by hungry young 2600s eager for my easy rating points.

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Killer French - The Book is out now! GM Simon Williams

16 May 2016

My new ebook Killer French - The Book is out now. Free sample chapters + PGN files available!

This eBook and included PGN files will allow you to play the French Defence with confidence. The book contains over 300 pages and, in addition, PGN files which will allow you to play along with the moves on your computer in your favourite chess program.

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The Danny Gormally Column #5 GM Danny Gormally

09 May 2016

Danny gives us his thoughts on Kasparov’s return and a game from the recent 4NCL weekend.

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The Danny Gormally Column #4 GM Danny Gormally

25 April 2016

In his second article on the recent Colin Crouch Celebration Masters, Danny looks at some impressive performances from the junior players in the tournament.

Rise of the Juniors

The Colin Crouch memorial will probably be remembered as much for the impressive win of Vakhidov, as for the impressive performance of three junior players.

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The Danny Gormally Column #3 GM Danny Gormally

18 April 2016

Danny reports on an up and down performance at the Colin Crouch Celebration Masters.

The Colin Crouch Celebration Masters

Early April I got the coach down from Alnwick to Harrow, in North London, to play the Colin Crouch Celebration Masters. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for me to lose a game. In truth I got thoroughly outplayed by Tamas Fodor Jr. in our round four game. I could console myself to some extent with the thought that I didn’t play too badly in that game, he just played very well. In the past this might have affected me too much, and it would have lead to a spiral of loss after loss. But t-1000 Gorm is made of tougher stuff.

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